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Announcing Our New Social Networking Niche Database!

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


Since the inception of the first social networking sites in 2005, hundreds of millions of consumers have flocked to join social web sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In the beginning of the social web, participants used the networking sites to do just that, network and meet new people or reconnect with people from the past.


As the social web has grown and become a daily part of many people’s lifestyle the advertising aspect has emerged. The social web is used as a sounding board for it users. Status updates on Facebook and Twitter keep us informed on not only happenings in our friend’s lives, but their positive and negative consumer experiences. Seasoned marketers know the influence that word of mouth marketing can bring, not only is it extremely influential, but also cost effective. Many marketing executives acknowledge that the social web is more than a passing fad, but that they don’t understand how to use the social web to advertise their business and how to monetize their endeavors on the social web.


BB Direct’s new Social Networking Niche Database is a tool that can allow businesses to recognize, segment, and engage customers that are active participants on the social web and monitor social media activity. Not only can our Social Networking Niche Database be filtered by social media aspects such as membership to a specific site and number of friends, but also hundreds of demographic selects such as age, income, marital status, and gender.


This can allow for not only a highly targeted postal campaign, but follow up social networking campaign. The uses for our Social Networking Niche Database reach much farther than traditional postal or email marketing campaigns. Our database can be used to build customer loyalty programs via your social networking connections, test new products and services, and build brand.


Contact your BB Direct account representative today at (866) 501-6273 to discuss how our Social Networking Niche Database can help your company break into the exciting world of social network marketing!