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B2B Marketing: Not all Decision Making is the Same

Often we see B2B marketers focusing their attention on just one individual within the organization.  They assume the decision is made by the owner, or some C-Level individual within an organization.  While a buying decision is ultimately made by one individual, we find that decision starts with a team of people who each have a say in what is needed, what features would be best, and where it should come from.  And the higher the cost for a product or service, the more complex the decision, and discussions surrounding the buy, becomes.  Smart marketers must take into consideration the buying process within the organization, and focus on the message to those decision making participants. 

Marketing to multiple decision makers within an organization helps educate the decision participants.  While likely more expensive, it’s been proven to give lift to campaign response.  For some within that team, your message will bring enlighten the need to discuss a change or investigate further.  For others, your message will educate them on how to compare your service with others.  And still others, your message will remind them that alternative options are worthy of being considered.  But for most all, their engaging participation will increase the likelihood everyone will “buy-in” to the change, and ensure an adaptation will be successful.

So, how to we find those individuals within each team?  How do we know who’s meeting on this decision consideration?  Ideally, thru consistent relationship development via outbound telemarketing, you can develop the insight about the organization, how they make these large buy decisions, and who’s attending.

You can also assume that the smaller the business, the smaller the team of decision makers there might be.  Knowing the organizational size is key to better understanding the buyers.

BB Direct offers a number of databases that also help with capturing multiple individuals within a business.  Our general Business Database has a wide variety of firmographic selects that help segment your prospect list and develop a message strategy that best reaches your ideal decision maker. 

We also offer a Database of Executives at Home Address, which gives marketers a wealth of firmographic and demographic information, as well at enables them to reach prospects at home. 

The next time you market to decision makers from a business database, consider mailing to ALL qualified people within an organization, not just one.  And of course, talk with one of our inhouse experts to develop a better strategy for increasing your B2B direct marketing campaign.