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BB Direct Begins Search for Value in Social Network Marketing

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


Something tells me there’s value in having a facebook business page.  But how do we make our pitch “re-post worthy”? We've begun an investigation on how businesses are using facebook (as well as other social network sites) to promote their business and develop potential leads.  We’re looking for both good and bad examples and will post everything we find.  If you’d like to contribute your experience in this effort, either good or bad, please let us know.  The more we learn, the more we’ll all benefit. We already know that your friends will tell you about their plans for the weekend or what they plan to eat for dinner. 


They’ll approve of your plans with a “Like” post.  But posting discount coupon for the products or services of your business will do little to drive traffic.  In fact, this may be counter productive to your building your brand. Most all businesses today are working within a budget.  If you’d like to “stretch” your marketing dollars, stay tuned.