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BB Direct now offers an Affiliate Mailing List Count & Order Website

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


This post is one of those that promotes our newest product.  It's an advertisement, not a blog post.  I don't normally blog in the fashion but figured the 172 "comments" made in the past 4 weeks that were caught in the blog's spam filter gives me the right to throw one in myself. it is. We now are able to offer an Affiliate Count & Order system for clients promoting mailing lists where their clients want the ability to run their own counts and place their own orders.  The Affiliate site program allows partners to add our count & order system to their web presence. So what is an affiliate site? Basically, the count & order system we're talking about here is, in essence, an online mailing list vending machine.  Your clients visit your site, link to the mailing list site enabling them to produce their own customized mailing list on the fly. 


The "anytime available" access allows your clients to focus on creating their mailing list on their schedule.  It also gives your clients the power to learn how mailing lists are created, and to realized their limitations. Is it right for you? This is a great questions...when does it make sense to add such a link to your site?  Well, let me tell you that for starters, adding a site such as this doesn't immediately increase web traffic to your site.  The affiliate site would contain your logo, and give your site visitors the ability to order mailing list products.  But, you should understand that  just because you have this system, doesn't mean people will flock to your site and start buying.  Sites that benefit most include one or more of the following:


  • You you currently offer mailing lists to your customers.


  • Most of your website visitors purchase mailing lists or related services such at direct mail or lettershop services.


  • You are planning on expanding your services to include and plan to make mailing lists an important component of these new services.


  • You are a mailing list broker.


  • You currently purchase a high degree of mailing lists for your own mailing needs.


If your business does not include any of the following, but you still feel your business would benefit from incorporating an online mailing list component to your website, please call us to discuss other possible system functionalities that may be of interest.  You can find an example of our affiliate site by clicking here.