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If you visit, you'll find one of the most easy to use mailing list count & order systems available anywhere.  One of the unique and interesting features about this system is that functions as a mailing list vending machine.  All the products are easy to see and select from, selecting which product is simple and quick, and ordering is a few clicks of a button. Below are the database files currently staged on the site:


Acxiom InfoBase Consumer Database


This database provides all the recognized consumers available on the market today, selectable by a large list of demographic and behavioral filters.


Acxiom Property Mortgage Database


This database includes the county court house records on properties as well as the associated mortgage loan information.


Acxiom New Mover - Weekly file and monthly files


BB Direct provides both the weekly and month new mover files compiled by Acxiom.  These databases include those records of people who have recently relocated, whether the relocation was into a rental or a new home purchase.


Acxiom Bankrupcty Masterfile


The Bankruptcy database includes people who have file and have been discharged from bankruptcy.  The selects include things like the file and discharge date, type of bankruptcy, etc.


Dun & Bradstreet Business Database


The D&B Business database is the premier business to business database of it's kind.  Whether you are looking for the type of business, size of business, or it's owners and management, the D&B Business database is unbeatable.


CIS Resident Occupant Database


For your saturation walk-sequence mailings, BB Direct provides the Resident/Occupant database.  This file is the most complete saturation mailing list of it's kind and serves to reach every deliverable database in America.


To try out our online mailing list count & order system, visit