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Brand Marketing

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


When done properly, developing a direct mail marketing campaign that fosters a continuing communication thread with your customers drives response rates upward.  While many direct mail marketers test one mailing list once, then move onto the next one, they ignore the value in creating brand awareness and the potential for an enriched relationship. 


Courting new customers is about getting to know your prospects and them getting to know you, rather than one night stands. Direct mail is a great way to drive traffic to your corporate website.  People readily flow from a message in the mail to more information in on the internet.  According to the U.S.P.S, many professionals prefer that vendors follow up by direct mail to apprise them of any new developments, rather than checking the website for updates.


Include a Business Reply Mail card to turn your direct mail marketing campaign from a monolog to a dialog.  Sales leads are far more qualified if they are familiar with your business products and services as well as your business being familiar with their own unique needs and preferences. It’s not just the databank of information on your clients that’s of value, but it’s what’s this information does to you as a brand in your business and marketing evolution. 


The database of marketing information you collect from the various direct mail marketing campaigns is useless if you do nothing with it.  Likewise, the more you can put this database of information, the better you’ll be able to make positive adjustments to way you communicate with your direct mail prospects and direct mail customers. With direct mail marketing, finding a good mailing list is only half the battle. 


Augmenting your message to fit the mailing list audience is the other half.  By listening to your audience, and developing new ways to change in area’s that fit what you’ve learned from listening, you maximize your ability to utilize your direct mail marketing campaign.