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Direct Mail Marketing Works!!

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


With all the new digital mediums vying for your attention, the emotional impact each one can make becomes less and less.  But postal direct mail holds strong and delivers the same impact, same connection, and same profitable response as ever before. Millions of Americans continue to receive their bills in the mail and as they do, the physical commercial advertisement in the form of direct mail also continues to stay in your view.  They touch it, they see it, and they look through it.


Every day, the postal delivery person brings your mail to you at approximately the same time and most likely every American walks up to his or her mail box, opens it, and pulls out a hand full of new information.  You need only go to your mail box once a day to receive it.  Unlike email, postal direct mail doesn’t arrive periodically throughout the day, but instead, it comes to you at one time and only one time. And because postal direct mail is more expensive than email marketing, not everyone it doing it. 


Those who are will continue to get better at doing it.  They’ll continue to strive to build the most ideal mailing list.  Those successful direct mail marketers will remove names and addresses of people who simply do not respond and continually attempt to add people who look more and more like their own good customers.  Thus, we continue to receiving only those direct mail pieces that are relevant to us.  We may not respond to every piece that comes through to our mail box, but compared to the mountain of email spam that we do receive on a daily basis, direct mail marketers mail more relevant direct mail to a more responsive audience than email marketing.  We end up receiving more interesting offers from companies who understand us. The key to improving your direct mail marketing is in the continual refinement of the mailing list.  Working with a good mailing list broker who has experience and technical know how will improve your chances for success, and help you avoid mailing to the wrong people.