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DM Marketing for Tax Preparation Services Made Easy!

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


Printers and mail houses should be taking advantage of timely offers to different niches of their customer database throughout the year. BB Direct has taken the initiative in 2011 to reach out to all of our resale clients with marketing promotions that will allow you to reach different segments of your database with timely relevant promotional materials.


Now, you may be saying, “Tax time is already here!! Tax preparation services are already mailing!” Research shows that the time to mail is actually, now.


Google trending shows this keyword phrase as peaking in January since at least 2004 and extends to the end of the 1st quarter since 2006. This means that the vast majority of people are searching for someone to prepare their taxes at this time of the year.


BB Direct’s first initiative of 2011 is helping our resale audience to make the most of this year’s tax season by delivering timely promotional materials to tax preparation services. First your business must introduce your marketing services to the closest tax preparation service providers by mailing them your promotional material.


BB Direct makes this even easier by providing you with your first 1,000 mailing list records at no cost. Introduce your direct mail marketing services for their 2011 season market campaigning and jump start your 1st quarter profits. Next, provide your prospects with details on proven mailing list options. BB Direct provides a complete array of targeted audiences for tax preparation services.  Educate these income tax professionals on how to target and what to say and you’ll earn customers for life.


Year after year, income tax preparation companies mail best when they version their message to one of the following target audiences:


  • New Homeowners Purchased a new home within the last year Select by purchase price and/or loan amount
  • New Movers Moved from outside of the immediate area Mail those who’ve relocated within the last 6 months
  • New Parents Mail to parents that have become new parents within the last 12 months Select between homeowner/renter
  • Residential/Saturation Mail to every household in a specific area and take advantage of the lowest postal rate Most lists can be targeted by specific zip codes, city names, counties, or even a radius from your location


Finally, call BB Direct to have your mailing list run counts and place your orders. We’ll turn your requests around quickly and efficiently and help jump start the New Year!