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Email Marketing Best Practices

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


Email marketing is simply the best way to reach your customers without necessarily spending a fortune in advertisements and other marketing strategies.  As much as it is effective, it is also a huge responsibility for the business that chooses to use it as a marketing tool.  Keep in mind that people will not just give you their email address for fear of spamming.  If you are thinking of jumping onto the email marketing wagon, you need to be armed with the right information.  Here are a few tips to help you run a successful email marketing campaign:


Make It Easy To Subscribe And Unsubscribe:  To get a mailing list, you must first have a method to get people to give you their email addresses.  Have a signup form posted on your website’s homepage, social media pages and anywhere else you can get your customers.  You can go a step further to collect names and birthdays for special offers.  Avoid the long subscription forms; no one has got time for that. Try as much as you can to make the unsubscribing option easy.  Most people will stay subscribed if they know unsubscribing is just a button click away.


Let your Subscribers Know What To Expect:   Whether you want to send updates on products and services, offers and promotions, deals available or informational tips, you should be courteous enough to tell your customers what they will be getting and how often they will be getting it.  Giving them enough information about the signup will work positively towards attracting the people who will actually want to receive whatever you want to send.  Not disclosing this information during the signup will only lead to unsubscribing as soon as you send your first email.


Brand Your Email Marketing:   You do not have to create something fancy, but projecting your business as a strong brand is important.  Match your email marketing campaign with your brand’s feel and appearance. Include the company’s logo, name and slogan just to remind the recipient that your business exists.  This will contribute a great deal to brand recognition.  Keep in mind that including images and other graphics might slow down the loading speed of the email for some people and they might actually not be able to see the image.  Keep everything simple but professional.


Send What The Recipient Wants To Read:  One tip that will prove useful in your email marketing efforts is sending content that the recipient is interested in.  The only way you will get the attention of the reader is if the content you have sent to them is something they consider useful.  Focus on new and existing products, promotions, offers, and discounts.  These are some of the things that consumers are interested in and will probably come down to your physical location to check out what is new.


Frequency:  The amount of emails you send in a certain period of time determines whether people want to stay subscribed or run.  Send useful information regularly but not too many emails to be considered a spammer.


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