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Every Door Direct Mail USPS Program Facts

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


The newly implemented USPS program, Every Door Direct Mail, is actually the new name for Simplified Addressing Process.  New name but same old process….not to worry, we’ve outlined again the reasons for the mail service provider to continue to provide their mail service without concern for business loss.


The fact is that only Flats and Parcels qualify for this program.  Traditional sized postcards and letters do not qualify.  The fact is that the mailer must purchase an indicia for their direct mail at $185.00.  They will also have to pony up a yearly mailing permit of $185.00.   So, out of the gate, they’re already spending $370.00 just to get started.


The fact is that all mail must be hand bundled in quantities of 50, AND bagged or trayed.  (AND the Post Office no longer gives out free rubber bands.)  Missing a tag, the mail will likely end up in the trash.


The fact is that unless the mailer is going to deliver each route mail tray to each local post office, they will have to custom label each mail piece.  If they were mailing in a few zip codes, unless they were to truck their mail to each of the local post office, they would have to include the City, St, and Zip on each mail piece.  And don’t forget the tags or the mail will go nowhere.


The fact is that this program was really developed for the small business.  The online system, provides delivery route data but limits the mailer to 5 zip codes at a time.  It’s good for the local Chinese fast food delivery if the menu is large enough to qualify as a flat, and they want to mail their local routes.  So long as they are willing to do the hand work, it will save them the cost of mailing and list data.


The fact is that there is no postage savings and the mailer must still saturate the routes they are mailing. Given the costs and learning curve necessary to qualify and execute their own campaign, mailers will have an uphill battle in making this work. 


For more information on this program, visit Of course, you can always call BB Direct to get the facts in greater detail.