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Executives at Home Address Database




Given the pandemic we’re all enduring right now, the majority of business executives have relocated their place of work to the spare bedroom.  Many of these executives are decision makers for the businesses that employ them, but reaching them with direct mail offers while mailing to the business location is a lost cause.  So, how do Business to Business marketers find and reach these valuable decision makers if they’re working from home?  They do so by using the Executives at Home Address Database

With over 119 Million executives at home address, there are many prospects to mail to within your target geo-market.  With roughly 28 million businesses, this Executives at Home Address Database often has more than just one person to reach out to for each business.

The Executives at Home Address Database is created by matching known executives employed at a business with the Consumer Database of known people at home address.  Updated every 30 days, this database is a great tool for fresh prospects who are working from home, but making buying decisions for the business.

You can filter this database with any of the available firmographic elements you normally select from when using the Business Database, as well as demographic selects from the consumer database.  What’s more is that you can output both the business mailing address and residential mailing address.  You can also get either the business email address or personal address these emails addresses are found to be associated with that record. 

Lastly, you can take the residential address and use it to serve up digital ads while these executives are home on their personal devices.  This makes for a response omni-channel campaign.


You’re able to enhance the life-time value and loyalty of your current B2B customers and prospects.

You’ll have a better understanding of who your existing customers and prospects are so to make more responsive appeals.

You’ll reach business prospects at home and on personal devices & email.

Thus, increasing product penetration and marketing ROI.


Depending on your B2B customer and prospect list, you’re able to version your marketing message to segments of your customers incorporating simple consumer demographics like age or income.  While B2B buying decisions are fairly black and white, depending on the age or income of the individual alone, you’re able to better appeal to one segment differently than another, for an all-around better response.

If you’re a business to business marketer and are struggling with reaching your prospects and customers during this difficult quarantine time, consider testing the Executives at Home Address Database.