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Get Rid of Annoying Robo Calls with These 3 Easy Steps

BB Direct understands the annoyance that surrounds receiving random calls from unknown people and businesses. No one likes sitting down to dinner or an important meeting and our phone buzzing in our pockets. We of course are so connected to our phones that we have to check because it could be an issue with one of our children or maybe grandma fell, but when we check our cell phone screens flash “SPAM CALL”.

And the problem is only growing worse. In 2009, the monthly average for robocalls placed was a mere 63,000. But by 2017 that number had steadily increased to a whopping 375,000 average calls per month!

Throughout our many years in the direct marketing industry, BB Direct has not supported and implemented such practices.  If you dislike robocalls as much as we do, here are some helpful tips to help your phone stop ringing off the hook once and for all:

1. Manual blocking of individual phone numbers

For iOS users, just go to your phone app then recent calls and just tap blue information icon to see the “block” option. Meanwhile for the android users, just check your recent calls and long press on the number and select block. After this method, you won’t be bothered by these specific callers anymore.

2. Let mobile providers  protect you

One of the easiest ways to get rid of robo and spam calls but will have an associated cost is to let your mobile service provider to protect you. They will serve as your barrier against fraud calls through different paid measures they have in place. Some offer apps while other have programs directly built into their service. These services vary by provider, but your specific provider’s customer service team can best lead you to the right product.

3. Make use of third-party apps

Good thing, there are several third-party apps such as Nomorobo, RoboKiller and Hiya which you can use to block robocalls anytime you want. Also these apps are budget friendly; many come with free version or free trial.

To completely understand the how to rid yourself of robocalls, here’s a quick video you can watch in less than five minutes that can explain these tips in more detail: