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Good Business During a Recession

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


While most industries are tightening their advertising budget during an economic downturn, some business segments prosper and even excel during these times by using direct mail.  While most businesses are bringing in less revenue and tightening their budget, some business industries are earning record profits to recessionary periods.  Marketing and related services like Direct Agencies, Specialized Marketing Firms, Direct Mail Printers, Direct Mail Letter-shops, Mailing List Brokers, and Newspapers can all benefit by focusing on these vertical business segments during recessionary times. 


The more direct mail marketers understand these markets, their needs, and the appropriate mailing list audiences to be used, the better they will exceed through the economic cycle. This site highlights those business segments which sensibly do well in a down market.  If you’re in the direct mail marketing business helping businesses advertise their products and services via direct mail, consider versioning your core service message to speak to these industries. Most companies attempt to be all things to all people, but by augmenting your website, print collateral, and direct mail marketing promotions, in a way that speaks directly to particular business vertical, you’ll get more positive attention and increase your sales leads.


The industries you will want to consider your most focus and attention on are; budget travel, business to business, gambling casino’s, products and services that offer “peace of mind”, businesses that focus on the budget conscience buyer, real estate investors, mortgage refinance, staple (can’t do without products and services), businesses that export American goods and services, the ultra affluent, and alternatives to upgrading. In upcoming posts, you’ll find detailed insights into all of these industries, how and why they work well in a down market, and the types of mailing lists available for each of these campaign categories.