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How do I find more buyers?

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


If there's one question nagging on every business owner it's, "How do I find more buyers?"  For most business owners, marketing professionals, and sales representatives, the answer is elusive, if not down right difficult. For many, it's easy to find more shoppers, but how do you find more buyers?  Add a free hot dog and some chips and you'll get walk-in traffic on any weekend.  Offer a webinar with a value added proposition, you'll get people signing up left and right.  But the buyers are really who you want to attract.  The buyers are those everyone can't seem to find enough of.  The buyers are those who make the business stay in the black.  How do you find more buyers?  The answer is, in looking at your own database of existing buyers.  And not just those who purchased from you recently, but those who are the ideal, best customers.


Take a good look at your existing database of customers


Your existing internal customer database contains the information to truly make smart decisions.  How did you find those buyers to begin with?  What makes them better than others?  How long have they been buying from you?  And who are the most profitable?  The answer lies in first looking over those existing best customers.  You need only the names and addresses of your best customers.  Truly.  With that information, you can turn your internal database into your most valuable asset.  How is this done?  It's done by profiling your customers.


Internal customer database profiling


Internal customer database profiling involves providing your existing mailing list of "good" customers (that means those you truly want to find more of) for the purposes of analyzing it for patterns.  The process is fairly simple.  Pass your internal database of mailing list records against a database of existing customers, append any and all applicable data variables to your customer mailing list records that match the host database. 


In the case of a business to consumer profiling, you might find that your best customers have lower than average income and are on a fixed income because they are 65 or older.  Well, this tells you to focus on that market doesn't it?  If you're a business to business type company, you might find that the vast majority of your best customers are those who are in the retail sector of businesses and have a sales volume of less than $1,000,000.


What next?


Given the results of an internal customer profile, you now can search within the same given database for more "like" prospects, i.e., age 65 plus with fixed income, or retail businesses with less that 1 million in sales revenue.  Knowing this can help you with targeting your next mailing list audience, but also can help you version your next mailing list campaign.  What you say to your audience is equally as important as who you say it to.  And if you know who you are talking to, you are vastly more able to communicate the most effective message. If you need help with profiling your internal customers database, call BB Direct at 866-501-6273866-501-6273.  We're here to help you take your business marketing to the next level.