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How to create a mailing list online

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


If you're planning on using direct mail marketing as a way to promote your business or organization, creating your own mailing list is easier than you might expect.  The internet has made creating your own mailing list easier than ever before.  Plus, the ability to target your ideal audience has become increasingly easy.  What was once a chore to understand the database compilation, available selects (filters), and undating schedule is now available online 24/7.  There is simply more information available at your fingertips.


Define your market territory


This process is fairly easy.  The goal here is to maximize your exposure by synchronizing your direct mail campaign with the other advertising mediums such that all are focused on the same market footprint.  You will also want to consider the location and reach of your competition.  If you're market territory is shared by your competition, it's important to differentiate your product and service from the competition.  Keep a watchful eye on what your competition is doing and who they are targeting with their advertising.  Many businesses unable to compete with the more aggressive competition settle for a niche segment of the market.  Knowing your place and who you are going after is a part of understanding your market.


Build your criteria set


The criteria set describes your mailing list by either who you include within your mailing list, just as who you omit from your mailing list.  It may be a demographic such as age or income, or a behavioral filter such as interest in cooking or golf.  The goal with building any mailing list is knowing who your ideal audience is.  One of the easiest ways to pinpoint your ideal audience is to target people who look just like your current customers.  Take a closer look at the people who buy from you.  And try to understand who within those who buy from you are your best and worst customers. 


Many customers have found your business from your previous advertising (or lack of it).  It is safe to say that if you continue advertising the same way, all things being equal, you will get more of the same kinds of customers.  So before just doing the same thing, consider reaching out to your best customers.  These may be include your frequent shoppers, your biggest spenders, and those that you enjoy most to market to.


Building your mailing list online is fairly simple.  But take your time to understand the selects (filters) you are using to build your list.  Understanding the different between "exact" and "inferred" will help you better identify your ideal audience and therefore, increase your chances for success. BB Direct's online mailing list website can be found at  This tool requires you to simply register yourself before you begin. 


There is no charge for using this site until you place your order.  And the site is supported by both an online video tutorial library as well as phone support by experienced consultants. To learn more about mailing lists, visit or call us at (866) 501-6273.