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Integrate Postal and Email for Greater Response

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


Direct mailers have found including a supplemental email campaign with a postal campaign provides lift to response. 


Take for instance the National Geographic Magazine campaign, highlighted in the Pitney Bowes blog. Not only do they use both postal and email, they include a “keep an eye out”, within the HTML, for an upcoming offer via postal mail.  A digital photo of the actual envelop to be mailed is pictured within the HTML creative.  This not only describers the offer for their discounted “preferred package”, but reminds the recipient they will be receiving the offer via USPS. 


Not only have they used email as a secondary touch point to build brand awareness, but they’ve also yoked the email campaign to the direct mail campaign by including photos of the postal mail piece in the actual communication. 


The National Geographic Magazine campaign was very successful and your campaigns can be too.


Incorporating Email Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult


Many direct marketers have already seized this simple and effective integration of postal and email but some have been reluctant to test.  This is because few mailers are properly collecting and updating their marketing database with accurate email data.  They feel that the return on time invested to add email into the fold is not yet read.  Many simply delayed acquiring their client email addresses or have too few contact opportunities to collect them. Also, managing the process of deployment and measurement can be time consuming and difficult.  But it doesn’t have to be difficult.


BB Direct can orchestrate this supplemental campaign more easily than ever before.  Depending on your experience level for deploying emails to a large audience, we offer two options to emailing your existing customer database. 


Match and Deploy


With Match and Deploy, your customer postal file is passed against our comprehensive email database, where we find a postal match; we deploy your HTML message.  With the Match and Deploy program, clients do not receive a list of email addresses.


Straight Email Append


With Email Append, your customer postal file is passed against our email database, where we find a postal match; we append the email address to the record and return your database with the added email addressed.


Depending on the size of your customer database and the capability of your email deployment, BB Direct can quickly assess the best option for integrating email to your postal campaign.  If you’re looking for ways to include email with your postal direct marketing initiatives, give one of our email direct marketing experts a call today at 866-501-6273.  We’ll be happy to assist you!