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It's Time To Add Email To Your Postal Campaign

Time and time again we get questions about adding an email campaign to a postal mailing campaign.  Does it help with response?  What kind of increase in response can I expect?  How much does it cost?  We’ll also get objections to idea like, “I’ve never tried it since I don’t have email addresses associated with my customers”, or, “I’ve tried email before and I didn’t get any response”, or, “I don’t want my to bother my customers and prospects with emails”.

Will email help with response?

While these are all valid questions/objections, this blog post will help answer and explain the benefit to adding an email supplemental.  First, it has been proven time and time again that doing a supplemental email campaign, along with your postal direct mail, will add to both to your overall response, and brand recognition.  Consumers are, for the most part, predictable.  If you reach them either multiple times and/or with multiple mediums, they will begin to recognize your brand, and will be more apt to consider your offer.  Tell them a story about your business service several times and/or in several ways and they will be more apt to remember it.  Conversely, if you mail a prospect one-time only, you are likely going to only get responders who are needing your product/service at that moment only.  Others will likely not remember you over the long-term, diluting the effectiveness of your marketing investment.

How much will it cost?

The incremental cost for adding email is minor as compared to the overall cost of doing a postal campaign.  In fact, if you are doing a supplemental email campaign with BB Direct while ordering your postal data with us, we can offer a supplemental discount to that additional medium.  The cost of adding an email campaign varies depending on the size your list, match rate to those customers and prospects we’re appending data to, and the number of times we’re going to deploy your marketing message.  But it is only a small fraction of the cost to postal mail them.

Do I need a list of email addresses?

You do not need email addresses to do a supplemental email campaign.  Instead, we upload your postal list, and match those names and addresses with email addresses we already have for those consumers.  While we will not have all of them, we will still be able to reach 40%+ of the postal list with emails.  Rest assured; we try to make it as easy as possible to perform an integrated direct marketing campaign as possible.

I’ve tried it before with little success

If you have attempted to email your customers and prospects but did not feel it was effective, I would like to challenge you to try it again with us.  BB Direct has been providing email campaign solutions since inception.  We have the skills and expertise to evaluate your campaign, develop the measurement strategy, and help test for profitability. 

Our goal is to help you find new customers, both with postal direct mail and otherwise.  If you would like to consider doing an email supplemental with your next postal campaign, please ask us.  We are here for you and want to help.