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Mailbox Makeover Might Mean More Mula

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


I just read an article in my very own local newspaper about a contest promoted by the USPS that is simply ingenious.  Whether we're a test market for the idea, or a Postal Manager decided it would be good for business, this idea is fantastic.  Basically, it's a contest to give your mail box a make over, take before and after pictures and submit them for judging.  To read the article, click here.


With the post office struggling for new customers, it only makes sense to draw attention to the mail box, take pride in it's presence, and of course, everything that get's stuffed into it.  What if people approached their mail box with more pride?  What if they looked at their mail box with more personal ownership?  What if consumers took notice?  Would this be good for the direct mail marketing business?  Would the contents within the box be more appealing?  Would we take a second or two longer at considering the offers placed with this "beautified" direct marketing receptical? 


Something tells me it's good and people would take a longer look.  And in doing so, something tells me this would increase response for the mailers. I'll be looking into this further to find out the "why", "how", and "is it working".  More on this later.  Stay tuned.