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Marketing Product Review - Postcard Mailing




Postcard’s can be an effective and inexpensive marketing tool to generate sales leads for your business.  Some postcards are more effective than others, so pay close attention to the “in’s and out’s” of the following postcard mailing recommendations.

Postcard Mailing Fundamentals

Post Cards are an excellent way to get your brand into the hands of very targeted people such as New Homeowners.  They’re inexpensive and can likely mail 2 for the price of a normal letter-flat, they’re gang-run so to keep the costs down.  They’re simple to design that requires the marketer to focus on the essence of what they want to say.  It’s a brand development piece with only seconds to get the message across.  With postcard mailings, less is more.

Since there’s no need to open an envelope, virtually all recipients will see your message.  Again, keep your message simple.  And because of the size, the postcard will stick out above the letter flat envelopes such as bills, and be seen. 

Typically, you’ll want to mail more than 5,000 pieces, but if you’re mailing into the same area, then you’ll benefit by mailing in bulk by achieving a lower postal cost.  5,000 pieces is the typical test quantity since that quantity is considered to be a statistically valid sample size.  To reduce your cost is postage, you’ll ideally want to mail more into the same carrier routes than less.

New Homeowner Database mailers may want to consider mailing a 3-sided postcard.  This is a postcard with a “peel-away” that gives the view yet a 3rd side to view more important details.  It’s an interesting twist on the typical postcard that offers marketers a novel way to intrigue the recipient.

Postcards shouldn’t be used when account information is disclosed.  Obviously, the information will be visible to whomever collects the mail each day.

Postcards are great for:

  • Coupons and discounts
  • Branding
  • Discount
  • New customers and existing customers
  • Reminder notices

Post cards come in a variety of sizes, but they should all include a Call To Action.  This gives the new homeowner, or any direct mail recipient, a clear pathway for what they are to do next.

Postcards are printed and mailed from a print/mail facility.  Generally speaking, it’s not cost effective for a business to attempt to peel and stick labels to a stack of postcards.   You’ll want to instead provide your print/mail shop the artwork in high-resolution, along with your mailing list, and have them do the rest.