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Marketing Tips - Issue 19

1) The Infamous Stamp of Approval If you are using the Standard Mail stamp on your envelope to improve receptivity, take the next step and precancel it too. This delivers the appearance the recipient would expect in any important piece of mail. For full details, check out the USPS Domestic Mail Manual, section 604, Subsection 3.0. Go there now...


2) V M R One of the acid test rules for direct mail creative is VMR: Value, Meaning and Relevance. If you are considering the addition of a format feature, or a freemium, or an additional component... does it deliver value to the reader? Does it improve understanding? Is it relevant to the reader? If you can't say yes to at least one of these benefits, the addition probably won't improve results.


3) Discount Winners You can build traffic to your website or retail site by publishing a list of automatic discount winners. Visitors to your store or website find their name and discount code, and render it at check out. This is a great opportunity to use a match or scratch and save device.


Marketing Tips posts authored by Leslie Goldstein of the USPS.