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Marketing Tips - Issue 31

Here are  a few B2B marketing  tips for you  (Part 2 of 2);


1)   Multiple Buying Influences --  A business purchase is usually a team effort, with many players involved.  Therefore, it's rarely an impulse buy.  There are many stakeholders involved from purchasing agent to company president with each having a different concern.  To be successful, your copy must address the needs of all parties.  It may even require separate mailings to the stakeholders within the organization.


2)   Business Products are Complex -- Most business products (and their applications) are more complex than consumer products.  Therefore, B2B copy cannot be superficial.  Clarity is essential.  Half the battle is explaining quickly and simply, what your product is, what it does and why the reader should be interested in it.


3)   The Business Buyer Buys for His Company's Benefit AND His Own. --  O They must acquire products and services that benefit their company.  The means the product or service saves the company time or money, makes money, improves productivity and efficiency or solves problems.  At the same time, while the buyer is looking to do right by his company, they have an equal (if not greater) concern for their own well-being and self interests.  Many seek to make the safe, acceptable choice, reduce stress or thier own labor, save themselves time, avoid the unknown and prevent loss or change.  They may buy a product not because it is the best, but because they think is will make their own lives easier - even if it's not the optimal choice for their organization.


Marketing Tips posts authored by Leslie Goldstein of the USPS.