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Marketing Tips - Issue 32

Here are  a few B2B Marketing Tips (part 1 of 2);


1)  Business Buyer Wants to Buy --   Most consumer Advertising offers people products they might enjoy but don't need.  However, B2B is different.  The business buyer wants to buy.  All businesses must routinely buy products & services that help them stay profitable, competitive & successful.  Proof of this is the existence of the purchasing agent whose sole function is to purchase things.


2) Business Buyer is Sophisticated --  B2B copy talks to a sophisticated audience.  Your typical reader has a high interest in (& understanding) of your product (or at least the problem it solves).  Your reader usually knows more about their application of your product than you.  The business audience does not respond well to slogans or oversimplification.


3) Business Buyer is an Information Seeker --   The business buyer is on the look for information  advice that can help the buyer do his job better, increase profits, or advance his career.


4)  A Multi-step Buying Process --    The purchase of most business products is a multi-step process.  A one shot mailing often can't close the sale.  It takes a series of letters, brochures, presentations, ads, mailers & e-mails - combined with the efforts of salespeople to turn a cold lead into a customer.


Marketing Tips posts authored by Leslie Goldstein of the USPS.