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Marketing Tips - Issue 37



If you mailed more than 500,000 pieces of First Class Pre-Sort mail each in Q4, 2007 and 2008, you are eligible for a 20% postal discount during this coming Q4 for any incremental volume.   


A great deal from the USPS! 'Don't see yourself moving promo mail to First Class for this offer?   LOOK AGAIN. 


Assuming you've stored up the volume requirements in your monthly First Class billings, use your 20% rebate to mail First Class post cards.   So, 20% of an average 35-cent letter rate is 7-cents, which effectively lowers your incremental post card rate to 15-cents!


Full details....




Leverage the reader's subconscious wish to find extra value in your offer.   While they already like what you have, it's the imagination that motivates them to say "I want this now”.  For example, an upscale restaurant ad lists an entree with this copy: "butter-poached, bone-in Top Loin with truffled macaroni and cheese".    Did fried steak with mac and cheese ever sound so good?




Remember Dr. Zhivago?   March of the Penguins?    Probably the first and last times you saw unlimited white space and enjoyed it.   There are large portions of white space in your package which may escape your notice because they aren't considered "workspace".     


Always check the backs of your letters, your reply forms, your lift notes and the insides of your envelopes.    Do these present opportunities to boost your cause?   While their emptiness can't hurt, the reader will be more impressed if you fill them.


Marketing Tips posts authored by Leslie Goldstein of the USPS.