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Marketing Tips - Issue 40

”What Makes Sense?”


Mostly we favor the visual sense in our mail design: color, graphics and font choices. But check the other senses too: -   Touch: thermo chromic coatings that change color; varnishes and UV coatings that are textured.  I’ve seen some really interesting samples.


-   Smell:  coatings with encapsulated scents.   You should try the cinnamon.


-   Sound:  instant release labels with fugitive glue actually crackle when removed.  Or how about “I FEEL GOOD?”


-   Taste:  your BRE envelope flap should be a pleasant experience too.   I always been partial to a chocolate flavored flap myself….


”Tis the Season of Giving”


You should test it, but odds are you will find that adding premiums to an offer will out pull a price discount on the same offer.    If people already like and know your product, discounting is not the silver bullet.


“Is it Half Full or Half Empty?”


Raise the bridge or do you lower the river?  An occasional repositioning of your offer may flush out a different type of responder to your traditional mail program.   


For example, after the changing climate for credit card marketing, we were intrigued to receive an offer of membership, as opposed to an interest rate.   In the same vein, another card marketer promoted their rebate and awards program.   "Credit?  Oh yes, we have that too."


Marketing Tips posts authored by Leslie Goldstein of the USPS.