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Marketing Tips - Issue 41

It Brings out the Kid in Us


It is beyond all rational thought why adults require stickers to indicate choices, when a simple check mark would suffice.   But the fact is, "yes-no" stickers, product stickers, free gift stickers really do work, i.e., raise response rates.   There is something readers find indescribably satisfying about committing with pressure-sensitive.  


A word of warning: if you employ stickers, be absolutely obvious in directing your responder: where to find it, how to peel it off, and where to place it.


The Answer I Hear Most Often; Customer Service


Is there anyone who doesn't offer quality, service and value?    Of course not.    Don't waste copy space on these toss-off features unless one of them is your specialty.    For that one specialty, back it up with easily read and easily understood, logically built proof. Your reader needs to be absolutely convinced.


Respond by….


Add a time limit. This almost always boosts response. You can connect the time limit to your main offer or to your premium. One easy way to add this to an existing package or mailer is to create a simple piece of art that looks like you've rubber-stamped the deadline. It should be ugly and realistic.


Marketing Tips posts authored by Leslie Goldstein of the USPS.