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Marketing Tips - Issue 42

Mail Your Print Ad


Just print it, fold it, and insert it into a plain envelope with a little note that says something like, "I thought you would find this interesting" or "Try this. It works."  A colleague’s mother received this & it created a buzz in her community.  You might also try adding a BRE or reply envelope with a live stamp to help ease response. You may even try adding a reply form so people don't have to cut out the coupon.




Kudos to JiffyLube, who adorn their waiting rooms with constructive FABs on car care.    They create logical benefit copy with the Feature-Advantage-Benefit formula:   "With this feature..... you get this advantage..... this delivers this benefit....”   People don't automatically understand the advantages of a feature that delivers a benefit.


Help them: "with logic... you get agreement... which helps people respond". B 2 B In your B2B mailings, be sure you focus on a specific deal or offer in your call to action.   "Call, write or visit for more information" is a non-starter.   Be specific.   "For a 60-second, 4-step process to reduce your bad debt exposure by 20%, please call, write or visit...”


Marketing Tips posts authored by Leslie Goldstein of the USPS.