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Marketing Tips - Issue 43

Tried & True  


While email is less expensive, it does not carry as much weight.  Consider the story attached from January 12th’s Wall Street Journal.  If you embrace mail, then the next measure of commitment is how well you execute it.


Take a read:


Consumer Involvement with an Integrated Offer


Kudos to Kellogg Company which hosts the Special K Challenge.   The challenge is for you to drop a jean size in 2 weeks.    Just follow the Kellogg diet with appropriate purchases of Kellogg's product and collect 5 "K-tokens".    When you mail in the tokens, Kellogg will issue a $10 voucher to buy new, slimmer jeans.   


Not interested in the voucher?  


Then you can designate it go to the United Way.    And the "former-size" jeans?   Kellogg encourages you to donate them to the local charity of your choice.   This integrated offer captures the essence of a good deal: action, measurable goals, rewards and fulfillment.


What’s Your Opinion?


People love to share their opinions.  Questionnaire mailings often get a very high response.  Keep it to no more than 5 to 8 questions.  Then, put a reply card right underneath it.  After all, your prospects already have a pen in their hands, they will be more likely to respond.


Marketing Tips posts authored by Leslie Goldstein of the USPS.