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Marketing Tips - Issue 49

The Green Green Grass of Home


Kudos to one of America's neighborhood lawn care companies that reaches beyond the traditional "pay, spray, and pay" service offer.   Their envelope is sent by a local agent whose signed letter includes his card displaying his friendly portrait, phone and website.   In addition to the "deal", the agent also includes a set of address labels adorned with verdant images of trees and flowers in full bloom.   25% of the sell sheet is devoted to environmental tips.  


The special hook is the company's promise to support the Arbor Day Foundation with a tree planted for every new customer signed.   Compared to two similar self mailers sent by competitive companies, this piece is hard to put down.

It’s Hockey Playoff Time


Timing is a significant factor in direct mail.    While you may calendar significant dates in the production cycle, get beyond your own agenda.   What's happening out there with your reader?   Anticipate the effects of national holidays, election days and upcoming sports and media events.  


Watch your mail plans as closely as you watch your investment plans. Did someone say Lord Stanley Cup will pay another visit to the Pittsburgh Penguins?


Don’t Go To The Well Too Often?


The Cygnus research found that over solicitation is the #1 donor complaint. It’s also one of the top three reasons donors stop giving. Ask your donors how often they want to be solicited. Many have set giving schedules. According to the survey, 23% make gifts once per year and another 21% make gifts on a regular schedule.


That’s 45% of your donors.