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Multi-Location Marketing Landmines




Businesses that have multiple locations in different markets can benefit greatly from the use of multi-location marketing landmines.

Market differentiation is the first thing you must understand so you can leverage multi-location marketing landmines for your business. You should never assume that characteristics of your actual client and/or potential client are the same across all market locations. Doing so could be detrimental to your marketing campaigns. Instead, evaluating the individuals at each location is crucial to understanding how you should market, what you should market and in what medium you should do so. Most importantly, you should look at the differences between customers and prospects in each of the target markets to understand how to properly market your business and get the best return on your marketing investment.

Population density comes into play most with drive time, either of customers coming to your or of your delivery drivers going to your customers. Population density should come into play most when you are deciding the boundaries of your target market area and can vary greatly between market areas. Designing your market territory so that you can market to your ideal targets is crucial for a good return of investment for your multi-location marketing landmines. Population density can be created by many boundary requirements including radius and polygon mapping. You should also look at the targets in the market area and see within the population density maps if there is a split of prospects and current clients? Using this unique mapping data, you can determine, how to best market to clients and prospects, closer and further from your physical location within the market area.

Ideally, your businesses branding should remain consistent in all aspects of your marketing tactics, you with multi-location marketing landmines this may not always be true. With multi-location marketing landmines you can create very subtle differences in your branding, so that it best resonates with the target market in that given area.

Multi-location marketing landmines are also a great tool when making the acquisition of another location and either rebrand or expand that location. You can use multi-location marketing landmines to rebrand an older or failing business or expand the customer base of a successful existing business. You can also use this type of data to profile which types of locations may be best to acquire and be a profitable investment in the future.