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New Homeowner Database - No Frills Explanation




New Homeowners are people who’ve just purchased a home, whether the home was newly built, or 100 years old. The home is new to the owner. The New Homeowner Database zero’s in on homeowners who’ve very recently purchased a home.  Unlike the New Mover Database which includes both renters and owners, the New Homeowner Database is all and only homeowners.


The kinds of selects or filters we can use to create a target audience within this database include, but are not limited to:  Loan amount, interest rate type, loan type, sq footage, heating system, homeowner type (investor vs owner occupied), estimated home value, loan to value, seller-carry-back, year built, and presence of pool.

There are some more generalized selects which we have 100% coverage across all records are: age, education, income, presence of children, language preference, and marital status.  These selects are “inferred”, which implies a really good guess, but not necessary 100% accurate.


The primary source of the New Homeowner Database is from deeds of warranty and trusts filed directly from the US county recorders’ offices.

Depending on your offer, it may make sense to mail to New Homeowners who’ve purchased a home more frequently than others.  Most mailers will access the 30 day hotline when mailing to New Homeowners, but some benefit from accessing the Weekly Hotline.  In competitive markets it sometimes makes sense to focus on those more recent new homeowners’ records.

Some of the popular direct mail segments include: Furniture, Appliance Retailers, Dentists/Doctors, Lawn Care; Landscaping Services, Contractors; Remodelers, and Security Companies.

Facts about a New Homeowner that may help with your marketing planning

Consider that 1/3 of all new homeowners today are unmarried.

Millennials 18 to 34 – It’s their next step in their life, good investment/need more space.  And when they rent, their primary reason is that they lack the funds.

Generation X 35 to 54 – it’s a good investment, they need more space.  The Gen X choses to rent over buy due to lack of funds and they don’t want to worry about maintenance.

Baby Boomers – relocating to a new area, downsizing/good investment.  The main reason you find Baby Boomers renting over buying is because they don’t want to worry about the upkeep and maintenance of their house.