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New Look. Same Consistent Accurate Data.


For many years BB Direct has been a staple figure in the direct marketing industry, providing several data related products and services. And for over 15 years, we have witnessed the direct marketing industry’s everlasting evolution. Throughout this evolution, new products, services, technology, digital platforms and social media outlets have been tested with various degrees of success. 

It is no surprise then that BB has embraced this evolution. After continually improving our list of products and services, it has become apparent that we’re more than just a provider of direct mail data, and that we have acquired the tools necessary to offer our clients multi-medium campaigns. As we came to this realization, we also found it was time for our brand image to grow and evolve along with our business.

We started with a new logo. A simple yet captivating image that represents our business, and most importantly carries along our essence – customized, accurate data made simple. The idea of simplifying led the design of our logo, resulting in an impactful representation of BB Direct. 

Our website has also been updated, following the idea that we need to make the concepts of direct marketing data simple so that our customers can make knowledgeable decisions to impact their campaigns. The overall look of our site has become more inviting, and more importantly our navigation architecture has been changed to allow for easier information processing and gathering. 

As well, our quest for creating knowledgeable clients will continue past our website redesign, as we showcase helpful and informative blogs to educate and inform our customers.  We’re confident these touch points will assist customers in saving money through efficient marketing.

As a provider, we recognize the Direct Marketing Industry is far from perfect. We have witnessed direct mailers selling lists that are not a true fit to their client needs; promoting direct marketing as the best investment when it was not; and companies reporting successful campaigns that weren’t responsive or lacked Return on Ad Spend (RoAS).

Our team at BB Direct is here to change that. We’re giving our clients the tools that help them make better decisions faster and easier, and we want to help them set realistic objectives against their marketing dollars. We will only recommend solutions that have been tried and tested, and we will only recommend proper testing so our clients will benefit from learning something each time they test new marketing. 

Cutting through the clutter and giving our clients what they need most, is the best opportunity for BB Direct to grow as a company and as marketers ourselves. We are passionate about developing products and services to serve our valuable clients, and we will continue to evolve to reach that goal.