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Newsletter Marketing

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


With B2B Newsletter Marketing, the goal is to continue to increase your readership.  And with B2B Newsletters, the competition for a finite number of potential readers is limited.  Therefore, it’s increasingly more important to delivering the right offer to your audience cannot be stressed enough. 


There are so many business industry specific newsletters that deliver so many messages, if you don’t offer a right message that’s relevant to your audience, you will lose them. Consider the many newsletter invitations you receive on a weekly basis.  And of those, consider how many you read regularly.  If you don’t have a relevant subject and the articles are simply not helpful or not written well, what value does your newsletter bring? 


For those individuals who DO read newsletters regularly, they do so because they want to learn something more.  They want to improve what you currently know.  They want to better understand their customer and their competition.  If you’re not offering this in your newsletter, you should reconsider the content of your newsletter.  There should always be some sort of subscriber feedback with a business to business newsletter. 


Ask your readers what they want to see more of and what questions they have for the writer.  Create a dialog with your readers so that you can you can make strategic improvements to the content of your newsletter. Business professionals live a busy life with many distractions.  The successful ones are careful with where they spend their time.  They are conscience of how long they spend reading unimportant documents, and they rarely read from uninteresting sources more than once.  Some industry specific newsletters have more competition than others. 


The better you understand your competition, the better you’re able to distinguish yourself from the other newsletters within your industry.  Become acquainted with these other newsletter writers if for nothing else to potentially swap your subscriber mailing lists. There are two very important strategies to improving your Business to Business newsletter readership.  The first of course is to make sure you are writing relevant subject matter. 


This cannot be stressed enough.  The second is to invite others to read your newsletter.  Those you invite to read must come from the ideal mailing list source.  Ideally, conference attendees and readers of other newsletters is a good mailing list to consider.  You may want to incorporate banner ad placement at locations throughout the web that capture the attention of “your” ideal reader prospect. If you’re Business to Business Newsletter is mailed through the postal mail, odds are, the best mailing list for your newsletter would be from another newsletter than was mailed through the post as well.  Many times a competitive mailing list is difficult to attain. 


You may want to consider some sort of advertisement space placement within a competitor’s newsletter.  In this case, look at ways to decrease the threat you pose on competition.  You may consider a swap of your newsletter subscriber names for your competitions newsletter subscriber names.


The more you become away of the marketing efforts of these other business to business newsletter competitors, the better you’ll be able to position yourself in the mix of choices your industry prospects have.