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Property Mortgage File Database



Want to reach people who’ve made the commitment to invest in their future?  People who have been careful with their savings and in order to build their credit?  People who are long-term planners?  The Property Mortgage Database contains just that.  This file contains people who own a residential real estate property.

Direct Marketers use data from the Property Mortgage Database to help identify potential new customers.  Direct Marketers can develop targeted campaign initiatives by using attributes about the property, the mortgage loan, and about the owners themselves.

Sourced from over 3,100 + different Records Departments of County courthouse within the US.  This sourcing is a major undertaking in that many counties collect data, on property owners, differently.  The source codes of each of the elements are not uniform so a lot of work goes into creating building a workable database.

Marketing professionals of businesses that want to mail to homeowners and filter their homes based on the property attributes, can do so.  Some examples of Property Attributes would be Year Built, Tax Assesses Value, both the Home and the Lot Size, if it has a pool, the roof type, if it has a fireplace, and how big the garage is.  You can also filter by homeowner with an estimated Home Market Value, or if the property is a second home.

Marketing professionals of businesses that want to mail to homeowners and filter their homes based on the mortgage attributes, can also do so.  With Mortgage Loan attributes, you can reach those owners based on their original mortgage amount, approximate LTV, the rate type, cash only purchase homes, and Lender Type.

Owner Attributes are appended after the file is created and include things like age and income, marital status, net worth, gender, and modeled ethnicity.  These types of filters are often used as an add-on where a mailer may want to segment their mailing up into categories to better message versioning.

The Property Mortgage Database is made available within online at  You can also simply call BB Direct for a count of what’s in your neighborhood.

The Marketers who use this database to prospect new business mail smarter.  They find new prospects where otherwise they were unable.  And they waste less on marketing their products and services to the wrong people.