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SNS Marketing as a Viable Direct Response Medium?

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


It seems SNS (Social Network Site) marketing is “all the craze” lately.  I’m told and read about the various ways a business can add a page, invite fans, point them to the corporate website, and sell products and services.  But when it comes down to the time investment required to launching a SNS campaign, I’m not so confident there’s a potential for profit just yet. Take my Facebook account as an example.  How many of my fans will visit my page and say, “hey, I didn’t know he was in the direct marketing business and I actually need a mailing list”?  Perhaps one could build an interesting and fun game like the Facebook farm game I see FB newsfeed. 


Once the agriculturally inclined mob is playing the game, pop-up ads could an invite them to visit the produce section of their local grocer. LinkedIn is used more for professionally driven endeavors.  There seems to be more business owners, entrepreneurs, sales representatives, and job seekers lurking around on this SNS.  So my blog post is linked in LinkedIn (been wanting to say that for a while now :-) ).  Can I get a raise of hands for those who found me through LinkedIn?  Anyone?  Can we do some business together? Viable direct response medium?  For the vast majority, I don’t see it yet.  I do appreciate the allure of Facebook with it’s now 400,000 members, and can see how others get sucked into the fun of finding friends, but with the additional precious hour a day needed to keep up with all my connections, I just don’t know how we business professionals are to capitalize on the Social Network Sit frenzy.  Do you disagree?