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Auto Dealers See Success with Direct Mail as Long as Message is Relevant!

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


Automotive consumers welcome direct mail marketing information and generally enjoy being part of an automobile mailing list, as long as it’s relevant and comes in measured doses.  Despite the adage praising the virtues of over-communicating, many customers consider such excessiveness as off-putting.  Auto dealerships need to be smart and logical when creating a direct mail campaign and mail piece.


Some shoppers like to find their own way during their journey to a car purchase.  They don’t necessarily want to receive marketing messages stemming from past buying behaviors and other mailing list data.  But most people welcome such information, as long as it helps them in their ultimate purchase and provides valuable content, such as inventory, pricing and incentive information.   


Consumers consider marketing messages, ranging from digital ads to emails to direct mail, as intrusive if they are not relevant. Imagine getting a $19.95 oil change offer from a dealer, and you drive an electric vehicle you bought from the dealership.  Or perhaps, a tire-rotation special offer that excludes 21-in. tires and the car you bought came with 21-in. tires?  These are types of offers that may push clients away. 


The key of direct mail marketing for auto dealerships through an automobile mailing list is the ability to drive traffic to the dealership website and showroom.  Dealership websites have evolved into showrooms themselves as more prospective car buyers use the Internet to shop and research. A desirable website offers rich content and functionality, allowing a dealer to make a good first impression and keep engaging with visitors.