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Cable Companies Employ - Homes Passed - Databases to Reach New Clients



Posted by Brian Berg Google+

Cable companies using just a consumer mailing list marketing approach should integrate a multi-channel approach for high conversions.  Considering the numerous technological advances that have occurred in the past several years, cable companies are in a unique position to thrive.  While consumers still love to watch television, they are adopting new methods of enjoying their favorite shows, shows whether it is on tablets or smart phones or accessing alternative content from low cost sources such as Netflix.

Using best of breed marketing tools, such as homes passed marketing databases, these businesses can make the connection with new prospects. 

“Homes Passed” is the number residences or businesses with a feeder cable already installed near their premises, making them capable of being easily connected to a cable, telco or satellite network by a service provider, whether they choose to become customers or not.

As you can see from the above numbers, cable companies are wise to market to homes passed databases as their numbers many times are exponentially greater than their current customer bases. New service activation usually requires the installation and/or connection of a drop cable from the homes passed point such as a fiber-pedestal, manhole, chamber, or utility-pole, to the premises, and also the installation of subscriber premises equipment at the premises. 

Premises that cannot be connected without the installation of feeder and distribution cables (fiber) to reach the area in which a potential new subscriber is located, are not "Homes Passed". 

To give an example, by June 2012, the number of Cable Video Customers was 57.3 million, but the number of Homes Passed, or potential customers, was 131.2 million.  The number of High Speed Internet Customers was 49.0 million, with 126.4 million Homes Passed. 

Helping cable companies make the connection with new subscribers through cable consumer mailing lists and other channels is what we do here at BB Direct. We’ll provide you with a truly integrated, multi-touch data solution that both illuminates new subscriber opportunities and focuses your marketing dollars on target-ready premium prospects.