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Direct email marketing is now affordable

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


Gone are the days of high cost email data acquisition.  With email aggregators in full force, the sheer quantity and targetability of email deployment has sky rocketed while the cost for effective deployment has plummeted.  What’s more, the effectiveness of email advertisement continues to improve.


Email Deployment Example


Let’s take a look at a typical scenario with a direct email campaign.  A medium sized retail specialty store wants to reach out to the local community.  Unlike others forms of marketing, an email broadcast can reach people on the cheap and collect names of potential customers from each which to further communicate your messages.  It wasn’t too long ago when email data wasn’t selectable by geography.  Now we have the ability to make push millions of impressions to both a targeted geographic market, as well as a targeted demographic or behavioral interest category.


Multiple Deployment Program - 3 Plus 1 Package


BB Direct offers many a multiple email deployment package to include broadcasting to the same audience 3 times, then once more to those who previously clicked through to a site. The first deployment tests the same email HTML with 4 different subject lines.  This signals the mailer to mail again with the top two best subject lines for the second deployment.  The third deployment tests the best of the top two for the deployment. The third deployment is a modified email HTML.  It’s sent to all previous click-thru’s as a last attempt at visitor conversion. 


BB Direct offers the above campaign test for $3,500 for up to 250,000 targeted email impressions.  That’s 750,000 impressions plus another revisit deployment for maximum exposure. All campaigns come with open click-thru reporting to better understand how the campaign is performing over time.


  If you’d like to learn more how BB Direct can help you with your next email campaign, please email us at [email protected] or call us toll-free at 866-501-6273.