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Generational Marketing - Baby Boomers Part 5 of 5




Born between 1946 and 1964, this segment of the population exceeds 75 million people and represents more than 70% of all disposal income on the US.  Due to the sheer wealth of this generation, it’s vital that you cater to this audience as best you can.

Dubbed the “Me Generation” in the 1970’s, today they are considered the “Most Valuable Generation”.  They were the Me Generation because since there were so many within this consumer segment, a lot of attention was placed on marketing to them.  Naturally, they became used to this attention and expect it.  They’re the most valuable because of the sheer wealth within the age range. 

It’s easy to assume they splurge on luxuries but the fact is that if you further divide this segment of the population into smaller segments based on income, you’ll find that lower income consumers are carefully saving their retirement and spending wisely.

It’s important to be personal when communicating to this audience.  Use their name and anything else you know about them.  This makes target marketing to this generational segment so successful.  Why do you want to personalize the messaging?  Because they’re used to it.  If other brands are using their name, then you don’t want to be the brand that ignores it.

Be direct with this generation.  Say what you want to say without all the fluff.  Within your message, state clearly how you’d like these consumers to proceed in working with you.  They typically have many options and they do do their research, so keep your message clean and direct.

To be effective in reaching this audience, you will want to consider using direct mail, TV, Print, and online.  They’re checking their mail box, watching TV, they still page thru magazines, and they definitely go online to do their research.

They prefer Facebook over other social media platforms.  95% of the Baby Boomer Generation regularly engages in email.  96% use Search Engines. 92% shop for products and services online.

Our recommendation is to use direct mail, print, TV if you can afford it, and include online advertising.  Be personal and speak directly to them.  Include anything you might know about them to enhance the message.  Use expert endorsements if possible.

Highlight the benefits pertaining to them.  Keep it simple by delivering a straight forward message with a clear path forward to engaging with you and buying from you.