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Hot Town, Summer in the City- The Many Neighborhoods of Brooklyn

Posted by Brian Berg Google+

Selecting a consumer mailing list for residents of New York can seem like an ample task for even seasoned direct mail marketers.  The Big Apple is a virtual melting pot of cultures, races, religions, ages and lifestyles and making sure that your marketing piece ends up in the hands of your ideal target can be a crapshoot.  Our continuing blog series takes a look at the people and neighborhoods that make up the five boroughs of New York City and gives marketers an in-depth understanding of the complex demographic scenarios that can occur when selecting a consumer mailing list of New Yorkers.


With more than three million residents, Brooklyn is the largest of the five boroughs that make up New York City and the fourth largest American city.  Brooklyn is traditionally one of the first stopping points for immigrants to the United States, and in fact, one of every seven Americans can trace his or her family roots back to Brooklyn.  The Brooklyn residents make up an interesting and unique group of consumers.  Businesses catering to this market should take notice of their collective differences, and make offers to them that address these differences.  Read on for a more indepth description of how they pass the time during the summer.

Brooklyn residents have a strong sense of community, enjoying family life in seven distinct neighborhoods, including Sunset Park with its magnificent view of the New York skyline, Bay Ridge with its 19th century Italianate mansions and Verrazano Narrows Bridge, and Park Slope, which slopes upward from the Gowanus Canal to Prospect Park and features a lovely section of landmark homes. 

The borough is home to many internationally recognized cultural institutions, such as the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and Brooklyn Academy of Music.  Other famous areas of interest are Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Bridge, which symbolize the urban pride of all “Brooklynites.”  Brooklyn is a vibrant, culturally diverse, economically growing community that offers its residents a wide array of housing, education, employment, cultural, and recreational opportunities, including great restaurants, intriguing shops, open parks, performing arts centers, and a fascinating aquarium.

Just a short subway or ferry ride from Brooklyn is the international excitement of Manhattan, with a never-ending array of world class museums and leading-edge theater, as well as the finest dining, shopping and recreational opportunities. 


Who's moving to Brooklyn?  Everyone. College grads, young couples, new families, screenwriters, businesspeople, dreamers, graduate students, artists of all stripes, restaurateurs, professionals. Global citizens, immigrants and people from New Jersey.  A decade ago, some Manhattan residents wouldn’t be caught dead living in a brownstone in Carroll Gardens or Prospect Heights.  The simple arithmetic of real estate has been a driving force; you can get more space and a better location in Brooklyn than in Manhattan.  Brooklyn’s the place to be.


Communities in Brooklyn really exist, neighborhood by neighborhood.  Brooklyn divides naturally into dozens of distinct, walkable neighborhoods, each with its own history and style, sometimes with a distinct ethnic flavor.  Many of Manhattan’s wonderful quirky old neighborhoods have been gentrified out of existence.  But they’re going strong here, and, as a result, Brooklyn’s bursting with diversity and personality.  The neighborhoods make Brooklyn a spectacular place to grow up, to raise a family, to live a life.  When you come from Brooklyn, and a specific neighborhood in Brooklyn, you are coming from somewhere. 

Of course there are many of unique and diverse neighborhoods throughout New York City, but one things remains the same, the island is filled with many vibrant communities made up of many different residents.  Understanding each neighborhood and its variety of residents when choosing a consumer mailing list can be an arduous task.  With so many different demographics, who do you target?  Our BB Direct Data Team understands marketers targeting dilemmas and are experts at locating a consumer mailing list that produces results!