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How Baby Boomers Spend Their Time

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


There are 78 million Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) in America that create a diverse generation with attitudes and lifestyles like no generation before or after.  Boomers enjoy many different activities from working out to attending rock concerts.  Capturing these older Americans on a consumer mailing list has become a speciality of BB Direct. 


But there's more to the generation that refused to trust anyone over 30.  For starters, aging baby boomers are unlikely to settle for your typical bingo night]. In fact, experts predict the group to redefine expectations of retirement and aging.


Baby Boomers might do things differently to accommodate their needs, but that doesn't mean they don't cooperate or act flexible at work and home.  Though many individuals care for their own aging parents and children, boomers still find time to partake in their favorite activities and enjoy life to it’s fullest.  Baby Boomers favorite activities include:


·         Staying Fit: Hitting the gym and playing sports are popular among Baby Boomers.  These individuals focus on feeling healthy and young while also combating obesity and other health-related problems.

·         Career Changes:  Reaching 65 years of age is an exciting time for those easing into retirement.  But for baby boomers, such a vision won't cut it, as many plan to continue working well after 65. Of the group staying in the work force, two-thirds plan to make a career change.

·         Music Related Activities:  How could the generation that attended Woodstock and coined the term rock 'n' roll ever fall out of music's sweet embrace?

·         Adventures:  When compared to their parents, baby boomers would rather take a shot at sky-diving than remain grounded. There's evidence that individuals from this generation want more adventure in their lives.

·         Giving Back:  With the majority of boomers hoping to remain in their homes with family nearby, opportunities to deepen their connections to local communities are available.

·         Beachin’:  Above all, boomers want to unwind, and coastal communities often create relaxing atmospheres perfect for their needs.  Who wouldn't want to relax by the beach?

·         The Dating Game:  Even though the majority of boomers are still married, the group has the highest divorce rates among all age groups, leaving many contestants looking for love.

·         Get Crafty:  Gardening, canning and crafting handmade products such as clothing and furniture are a few thrifty activities boomers enjoy!

·         Tech Nerds:  The majority of boomers own a cell phone and desktop computer, but fewer may purchase the newest gadgets.

·         Namaste:  Though their approaches in life may vary, most boomers strive to participate in activities spiritually and socially meaningful.

To learn more about the complexities of Baby Boomer consumer mailing lists contact a member of the BB Direct Data Team at (866) 501-6273.