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How Black Book or Kelley Blue Book Mailing Lists can Rev up Your Auto Dealership Direct Marketing

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


Direct mail campaigns targeting prospects looking to trade in their current vehicle has become more filtered with the availability of Kelly Blue Book and Black Book automobile mailing lists and data appends to your current auto dealership mailing list and database.  Obviously resale valuations have been around for a while, so they are nothing new, however, the convenience of receiving the auto owner mailing list with the resale values included can save time and money from running your mailing list through secondary data sources or worse, mailing your offer to disqualified candidates.  Many auto dealership marketers are finding that a Black Book (BB) or Kelley Blue Book (KBB) vehicle value, used as a potential trade-in amount to be given in a buy back promotion, grabs the attention of targets and gets results.


Black Book and Kelley Blue Book are similar in that they both offer auction based vehicle valuations, yet on the other hand they both tend to cater to different audiences.  The Black Book is pretty well known as one of the main sources of vehicle valuation data for auto dealers whereas Blue Book focuses more on retail and private party resale values of vehicles.  Both companies’ valuations can be useful in automotive direct mail campaigns.  Direct mail campaigns can be built around Black Book and Blue Book with equal success.  Blue Book promotions are probably successful because consumers are more likely to price their vehicle on the KBB website and offers such as receiving a 120% of the consumer’s vehicle resale value creates some excitement.  Black Book promotions may be successful because the consumer may feel they are getting the “insider’s pricing” from the dealer since Black Book is lesser known in the consumer world.


Using automobile mailing lists with resale valuations is a great way to build successful trade in events around a direct mail campaign.  BB Direct would be happy to answer any questions about how vehicle values can help you create more data driven leads. Give us a call at (866) 501-6273 to start your free count today!