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Marketing Tips - Issue 27

1) .Which has more appeal: one year, or 52 issues? one quart, or 32 ounces? 6 x 10, or 60 square feet? six settings, or 36 pieces? When you shape your offer, zero in on the piece count.


2) A reverse on renting a magazine list is to rent space on, or in, the magazine for your mailing piece. Direct mail kits bound into a magazine are Ride-Along kits, and postal rates are reduced to $0.159 per piece. Compare that to $0.241 for your typical Standard postage.  There are advantages: less likely to be discarded; the piece may be supported by adjacent advertising; the solo mailing list cost is avoided; the piece has a shelf life as long as the magazine; it is the natural opening in the magazine. Magazine binderies can match-in personalized Ride-Along mail.


3) Perhaps our eating habits reflect our receptivity to mail. Monday is a comfort food day: keep to the easy-to-digest, home favorites. Friday meals are without a care: escape from the work week, and serious calls to focus. Try to get in-home delivery on Tuesday to Thursday. Tuesday to Thursday is when people are up and running, trying on new menus. They are active in their reading, pushing through the mail looking for new adventures. And for those traffic builders with tight windows.....that's where the cooling pies get snapped up, right away.


Marketing Tips posts authored by Leslie Goldstein of the USPS.