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The Emergence of Martech in 2015-Part 1

Posted by Brian Berg Google+

We recently read an excellent article from Forbes by Patrick Spenner discussing B2C marketing trends in 2015.  While many yearly trend predictions are based on business mailing lists and general marketing, the trends released in this article relate more to techniques performed “behind the scenes.”    The trends presented by Patrick include:

1) “The primary objective of marketing technology (martech) investments shifts from cost reduction in 2014 to building brand preference and purchase intent in 2015”:  During 2014 investments into marketing focused mainly around marketing costs.  Cost cutting was the main focus and was performed through higher investments in data, analytics and operations.  By using these newer technologies, corporations were able to move their investments.  In 2015, these corporations are expected to focus on “brand building preference” through the technology investments that were obtained in the past year.

2)  “The number of dedicated, senior marketing technologists in the Fortune 500 will double”:  With so many changes in the fast paced marketing world, companies are more than ever choosing to have a dedicated marketing technologist that reports directly to a C-suite executive.  In 2014, it was estimated that only 10% of Fortune 500 Companies have a dedicated marketing technologist.  In 2015, the number is expected to skyrocket as more firms free up their C-level executives to perform strategies and decision making.

3)  “Mainstreaming of martech decisions on C-suite agendas.”:  2015 is expected to be the year that martech hits the “mainstream”.  For the past few years, some trend setting firms have employed the use of martech.  In 2015, it is expected that more firms will begin to use martech to create strategies, and become more time and cost efficient.

4)  “Emergence of titles that include the word wearable”:  Remember what the release of the I-phone did to the world of smart phones and everything mobile back in 2007?  Well, 2015 is going to be the year to remember for “wearable” devices.  “This creates a unique window for brands—opportunities for marketers to co-discover with consumers, and win loyalty and wallet share.” 

To view the full article by Mr. Spenner visit Forbes here. To learn more about applying martech to your current business mailing list campaign, contact a member of the BB Direct team at (866) 501-6273.