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The Value of Email Append

Posted by Brian Berg Google+

For organizations unaware of the value of email appending to consumer mailing lists, adding missing email addresses to your existing customer records is a fast, easy way to boost sales and reduce costs.  On the flip side, sitting on records with gaps and holes could be costing you customers, leads, and revenues.  Email appending enables you to reach more of your current customers by email, and the benefits are manifold.  By enhancing your email list you can:

·         Accelerate and improve your email marketing.

·         Grow your revenues.

·         Improve customer service and retention.

·         Increase donations and  renewals

·         Reduce direct mailing costs.

How does it work?  Email appending is simple and virtually risk free.  You send the names and postal addresses of your customers and we add missing email addresses.  We find the missing email addresses by matching your customer list against our in-house database of names, postal addresses, and opt-in email addresses.  Each customer is contacted to obtain permission and to verify the email address.

The results of email appending can be dramatic.  Customers have increased the size of their email lists by 20% on average, and the results can be as high as 40%.  Some customers have increased their number of email addresses from 69% to 98%.  The revenue gains and cost reductions from growing the size of your email list can be just as dramatic.  By using email append, customers have increased their monthly revenues by $35,000 to $40,000 and generated more than 850 new business leads.  Other customers have saved $100,000 in direct mail costs and reduced postal mail by one-half.

These benefits were garnered by email append alone.  Now imagine the compounded benefits of adding postal append, phone append, demographics append, real-time data services, and more to the mix.

Email appends and other consumer mailing list services are a potent source of revenues, leads, and customers you could be accruing today but may be leaving on the table.  Don’t let the success of your marketing be limited by the size of your customer email list.  If you haven’t considered email enhancement in the past, it’s time to take a look.