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VIN Verification Database makes Automobile Buy Back Programs a Breeze

Posted by Brian Berg Google+

Auto dealership buyback programs are all the rage in automobile mailing list marketing in 2014.  The trend is expected to continue into the 2015 marketing season and beyond.  Buyback letters incentivize previous customers and conquests in an auto dealerships primary marketing area to upgrade to a better vehicle with little to no money down.  Each piece is personalized with the recipient’s information along with a message that reflects manufacturer legitimacy and accentuates the need to buyback their vehicle.

The automotive industry has evolved through the years in a manner which has directly impacted the compilation and distribution of auto data.  The Driver Privacy Protection Act of 1994 as well as the Shelby Bill Amendment has helped protect the privacy of auto ownership data by making it virtually impossible to compile DMV data without an auto owner’s consent.  In full compliance with all regulatory guidelines, the data hygiene process of VIN verification uses proprietary methodologies for reaching current vehicle owners as well as prospective buyers and BB Direct delivers one of the most accurate national and state files available for targeting probable vehicle owners.

Our Vin Verification process allows auto dealerships to use their existing dealership database to verify the current ownership of the vehicle initially sold.  Using the vehicle identification number, the last date a customer visited the dealership and information on title transfers, BB Direct is able to identify past auto buyers that still own the identified vehicles and pull out records of those owners that have already parted ways with the vehicle in question.   Using a VIN verification processing can help automobile dealership marketers greatly increase their response while cutting back on wasted marketing dollars by reaching out to an automobile mailing list of consumers that have already sold their vehicle that your dealership is attempting to buy back.

To make the most of your automobile mailing list campaign and to increase marketing reach and effectiveness through a VIN verification append process, contact an expert member of the BB Direct Auto Division at (866) 501-6273.