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  • Smarter Marketing is Vital to Weather Auto Dealership Slump

    September 20,2017

    Auto marketingWhen you look at the US auto industry by numbers, you would think that all is well and business is booming.

    In 2016 over 17.55 million new vehicles were sold in the US. These numbers top the pre-financial crisis numbers from 2005 which peaked at 16.98 million vehicles.  But, the auto industry being profitable isn’t about the volume of vehicles sold, but the breakdown of SVUs and light trucks.  The percentage of these types of vehicles plays a large part of total vehicle sales.  A record high of 64.5% was reported in June of 2017.

    The fact of the matter is this; automakers make a much higher profit on selling trucks and SUVs over selling smaller cars.  Current retail prices for vehicles in the US are:... Read More

  • Direct Marketing Cheat Sheet

    May 29,2015

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    Whether or not a business is limited to a so-called ‘niche’ customer base, or able to market its goods and services to a broad spectrum of prospects, depends on a complex set of variables. Economics, politics, and social factors all play determining roles, and nothing in the free market system is ever static, or certain, or permanent.

    That’s why it’s incredibly important for marketers to stay up to date, not just on the latest technological developments in marketing channels like the recent ‘mobile-geddon’ for example, but also on best practices for employing those channels as well as the potentially shifting tastes and preferences of target audiences.           

    Those who work in the marketing industry understand t... Read More

  • B2B Marketing- Upcoming Trends

    May 15,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    Whether you’ve been a B2B marketer for a year, a decade, or a quarter century, you know that our industry is changing at a pace that’s both thrilling and intimidating.  Marketers and vendors have done an admirable job of innovating to integrate these changes into business mailing list marketing.  As we become more informed on how to target, engage, convert, and measure our key audiences, we are gaining a deeper understanding about buying behaviors.

    It truly is an amazing time for B2B marketing.  There have been so m... Read More

  • Using Predictive Analysis to Increase Direct Mail Effectiveness

    May 08,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    Marketing is one of the biggest expenses for successful business owners. Digital marketing has become a cornerstone of every company’s marketing strategy, and when you consider the cost effectiveness, it’s easy to see why.

    Business owners using consumer mailing lists in a ZIP code with 5,000 homes can spend anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 every month to reach those residents.  Unfortunately, most of that money is spent reaching consumers who are not currently in need of your businesses product or service.

    Wi... Read More

  • Making Email Marketing Work for Your Small Business

    May 02,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    All marketers know, each business has unique marketing needs.  Each industry and niche requires its own set of marketing tools whether it is a business mailing list, email marketing, social media or one of the many other marketing tactics available.  The needs of small businesses are by far the most unique.  Small businesses might be nimble, but in most cases they also lack the financial strength to sustain the consequences of marketing missteps.  Not only is your time and money at stake, but your ability to continue ... Read More

  • Targeting Women in Automotive Mailing List Campaigns

    April 25,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    Women represent a huge opportunity for the automotive industry.  Targeting women through an automobile mailing list is a lucrative venture for any auto dealership.  In the US alone, 500,000 women are "in the market" to buy a car within a one to three month window.  We know that women heavily influence car purchases (up to 85%) and yet 74% of women feel misunderstood by auto manufacturers.  Additionally, women are becoming primary breadwinners in American households and make more buying decisions.

    The changing mar... Read More

  • Marketing Tips for Today‚Äôs Real Estate and Mortgage Expert

    April 17,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    Consumer mailing list data can be a critically important component of an all-encompassing marketing strategy for real estate and mortgage specialists, giving professionals a cost effective way to send action-oriented, personalized messages to key market segments and to continually improve that messaging based on results.  The reports of direct mail's death have been greatly exaggerated.  In fact, direct mail is alive and well, but it's changing.  If you've tried direct mail and not achieved the resul... Read More

  • Challenges to the Modern Marketer

    April 10,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    Marketing technology in business mailing list, email marketing and digital has made great strides for organizations of all types, but  marketing technology is not only driving the role of marketing to greater heights within organizations- it is the force that is moving businesses forward.

    Yet, regardless of whether your marketing goals are aligned to B2B or B2C purchase decisions, there are universal challenges among marketers.  These challenges will continue to push marketers to devise innovative strategies and tactics, ultimately leadin... Read More

  • Make the Most of your Consumer Mailing List when you Combine with an Email Approach

    April 03,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    So you’ve decided to add email marketing to your businesses regular consumer mailing list marketing approach.  Email can be a great way to bring your marketing into a digital arena, while creating a multi-channel marketing tactic when combined with your regular direct mail tools.  So, you have your email marketing lists ready.  You know exactly the kind of client you want to attract and you have composed an outstanding message which is simply guaranteed to convince your target audience that your business is by far the... Read More

  • Taking Direct Mail to the Digital Age

    March 28,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    Direct mail whether a consumer, business or automobile mailing list, has been inseparable from technology since the days of the earliest database-driven campaigns.  The marketing mix has changed dramatically since then, with an explosion of digital channels, but direct mail remains one of the most effective hands-on tools to reach customers and spur prompt action.  When you want someone to attend an event, make a phone call, or do anything with higher touch, you still see people go back to physical mail.

    Looking to refresh your direc... Read More

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