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  • Property Mortgage File Database

    April 07,2020



    Want to reach people who’ve made the commitment to invest in their future?  People who have been careful with their savings and in order to build their credit?  People who are long-term planners?  The Property Mortgage Database contains just that.  This file contains people who own a residential real estate property.

    Direct Marketers use data from the Property Mortgage Dat... Read More

  • Calculating Direct Mail Marketing Break Even Points

    April 07,2020



    How to calculate the break-even point of my direct mail campaign is a crucial measurement that should be done before a marketer invests in this or any marketing medium.  It’s important because direct mail isn’t guaranteed to sell your products and services profitably.

    Often times, a small business marketer will attempt to test a variety of advertising initiatives to promote their business.  They see other companies and competitors using direct mail and assume that if it’s wor... Read More

  • How to Market in a Downturn

    April 03,2020
    Dear Agencies, Printers, Mail-houses, and Marketing Firms,
    During these trying times, BB Direct is here and ready to work for you. While each business is different, we would love the opportunity to talk with you about ways to help your business best deliver the right message to your existing customers and potential prospects. The marketing landscape has changed and we need to adjust our thinking to help our agency clients through these changing times.
    It’s vital that you stay connected with your existing customers and potential prospects. Whether a simple email, a phone call, or a postcard that reaches your contact at those businesses, you should talk with your clients, empathize with their struggles, and learn how each of them plans to weather this difficult time. Some may surpris... Read More
  • Compiled Consumer Database

    March 31,2020



    Compiled consumer databases allow direct mail marketers to hone in on an audience of their ideal targets in a specific geographic region using demographic, behavioral and interest data. This database is one of the most complete lists of known and verified adult consumers located in the US.

    ... Read More
  • B2B Direct Marketing – Reaching the Decision Maker

    March 26,2020




    The business database is a great database for reaching businesses, but for reaching people within those businesses is another story.  Every business has a buying decision maker, or a team of people collectively making a purchasing decision.  But identifying and reaching those individuals can be difficult. 

    To make the most of your B2B direct mail marketing campaign, you want be sure you’re your getting your message to the right person/decision maker.... Read More

  • Defining your geographic target market

    March 24,2020



    Where are the existing customers coming from?  How far do they travel?  Where are the calls coming from?  The answers to these questions help in better understanding where and how to find more of them. 

    The boundary line of your “market territory” can be drawn on a map.  Your market territory may include area’s that are further from your store location in one direction, and closer in another direction.  It may reflect the location of your nearest competitors. 

    If you’re using, or planning to use postal direct marketing, then... Read More

  • New Homeowner Database – No Frills Explanation

    March 19,2020



    New Homeowners are people who’ve just purchased a home, whether the home was newly built, or 100 years old. The home is new to the owner. The New Homeowner Database zero’s in on homeowners who’ve very recently purchased a home.  Unlike the New Mover Database which includes both renters and owners, the New Homeowner Database is all and only homeowners.


    The kinds of selects or filters we can use to create a target audience within this database include, but a... Read More

  • What Kind of Response Can I Expect from a Direct Mail Campaign?

    March 19,2020



    Realistically, you could get no response at all.  But more likely you’ll get some sort of response that’s below ½ of a percent.  And possibly, you could get 1%, 1.5%, 2.5% response.  Each time you mail, if you learn from the campaign, you can improve.

    Realistically, your second campaign will show promising results if you pay attention.  The key point here is to perform your best guess on who to mail to and what to communicate to them on your first mailing.  And of course, be sure you have a way to measure your response.

    Experienced compani... Read More

  • Gain New Customers with Direct Mail – 6 Tricks

    March 17,2020



    Trick #1 - More Targeted Mailing List

    There are several simple ways to improve your “targetability” when developing your mailing list.  You can suppress your existing customers so you’re not inviting people who already know your business.  This is a simple but very effective process to improving your targeting.

    You can also suppress prospects with a low life-time value.  If you consider the number of times a customer will buy from your business over the span of their life, it’s sometimes beneficial to focus your marketing investment, all things... Read More

  • Will Direct Mail Work For My Company?

    March 12,2020




    We field many calls at BB Direct from business owners wanting to know if direct mail is a profitable marketing medium for their business and if sales via direct mail marketing are even viable.

    There are several variables that play a part in determining if direct mail marketing is right for your business. First, is ensuring that your product or service is a high ticket item. Are you offering a high price item that allows for a high profit? Profitable direct mail campaigns generally involve a higher ticket item since you need to sell less to make back your investment in the cam... Read More

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